Monday, April 18, 2011

The Better Rice - Metabolic Cooking Rice - Brown Rice

Pearl Oryza is among the few varieties of new-age rice in India. It is a brand of rice that has taken a whole new approach to the production and processing of rice. Pearl Oryza is a semi polished brand of rice that is as good as brown rice. Pearl Oryza rice is better than all the common varieties of rice sold in the market as it is packed with nutrients. Doctors recommend eating rice with nutrients as opposed to ordinary rice which is just all empty calories and the production method of Pearl Oryza ensures that rather than plain rice, Pearl Oryza feel more energetic and active. This is possible because consuming metabolic cooking rice of the low glycemic index of the Pearl Oryza rice. Further, the unique milling process of the metabolic cooking rice ensures that it remains as semi polished. As a result, all the layers of bran and husk are preserved along with many vitamins and minerals. This makes Pearl Oryza as good as brown rice in terms of the nutritive quality. While brown rice can be coarse and difficult to digest, Pearl Oryza rice is smooth and easy to digest and be absorbed.
The variety of the Pearl Oryza rice is RNR which means that it is an organic product that is semi-polished. This RNR variety is in fact among the best of metabolic cooking rice varieties and it is prescribed by doctors as part of healthy diet. The advantage with eating RNR rice is that the rice has ample protein content and low sugar. It has all the benefits of unprocessed rice like while being much more palatable. It is suitable for people of all ages and also has a much better taste than ordinary rice. It is also the rice variety that presents no health risks.
The main advantage of Pearl Oryza rice is that it is made by a cultivation method that is different from the ordinary methods of rice cultivation. The best paddy seeds are selected for cultivation and they are sowed in soil that is better than the ordinary type of soil. Like brown rice, a long cultivation cycle is followed and no mechanical devices are sued in harvesting. The fertile soil requires no fertilizers and manure is used. No pesticides or chemicals are used either and the result is metabolic cooking rice, brimming with nutrition.

Pearl Oryza metabolic cooking rice is redefining the way in which rice is harvested in the country. So far people had only two choices when it came to rice; one was brown rice and the other was milled or polished rice. As there were few takers for brown rice, milled rice became the popular standard, but it has come to be criticized for its poor nutrient content. Active rice is the new choice that is being introduced by Pearl Oryza. Thus metabolic cooking rice has high fiber content as well as many essential vitamins and minerals.

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