Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Only Blame Nasi Lemak Reason for Obesity!!

Nobody can deny that, Nasi Lemak still the top choice Malaysia breakfast. However, today Nasi Lemak is blame for obesity amongst school children. I think it is very unfair just to pick Nasi Lemak which now will be ban from school canteen soon. I don't think so nasi lemak is the major contribution to obese state of our young. Nasi Lemak has been around since the very day, nobody can really remember when. Obese is not an issue than, but now nasi lemak is ban from selling at school canteen. I don't really sure the motive behind this move as announced by the health minister and what is the real agenda for that kind of drastic action.
Nasi Lemak is our Malaysian favorite food, especially during breakfast. Children being obese is an obvious availability of new found snacks since mid- 90s, such as nuggets, chicken,beef, mini burger, hot dog stick, fish ball stick, samosa, rolls and many more modern food similar to the fast food junkie meal. These junkies were only made available by the fast food chain, but those kind of food from this chain are now flooding the market place which ends up in school canteen.
So Mr Health Minister don't blame nasi lemak!!! the above junkie snack manufacture are the major culprit. Further to that, why school allows soft drink and carbonated drink vending machine been located in school area. Knowing very well, the high sugar content of these drinks is the other major contribution to obesity.

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