Saturday, May 14, 2011

Metabolic Cooking is Live For 50% Off

The Metabolic Cooking is now available and you can get it for Half Off the regular price for a limited time.
Metabolic Cooking is a special nutrition and cooking program with one goal: to help people eat better for fat loss and improved health. The program was developed by Dave Ruel, a well known nutrition coach, and his partner in life, Karine Losier. It helps you do 3 main things:
1. Cook easy to make dishes and meals which can help you boost your metabolism and burn body fat fast. You won’t see your metabolism slow down as you do with other diets.
2. Give you plenty of options with over 236 different recipes so you won’t get tired of the food you eat like you may do with regular diet plans.
3. Show you how to avoid unhealthy food and ingredients which can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts.
This isn’t just a recipe program. Metabolic Cooking is a structured nutrition plan for fat loss. It makes life easier and fat loss faster.
You get complete nutrition guidelines which show you which kinds of recipes you can choose to eat so you get the right amount of carbs, protein, and fats. The recipes make sure that you get the right nutrients for a fast fat loss.
Metabolic Cooking has excellent reviews and testimonials. It’s easy to use even for people who aren’t used to cooking and the results can be quite impressive. I’ve seen some before and after pictures which have left me speechless. They were that impressive. 

What does Metabolic Cooking contain

1. The complete Metabolic Cooking recipes 9 Sets – Here you get over 236 fat burning recipes for breakfast, side dishes, meat, fish, snacks, vegetarian, smoothies, chicken, etc. You will find many tasty dishes that you will love. I tried some of these recipes and they’re easy to cook and delicious.
2. Fat Loss Optimizer Guide – This is a nutrition guide in which Dave and Karine teach you the right way to eat, what you need to avoid, how to save money on healthy food, how to create metabolic boosting meal plans, their 10 rules of Metabolic Cooking, etc.
3. Metabolic Salad Builder – A guide which shows you how to create metabolism boosting salad dressings. Often, dressings can make you fat. Now you can see how they can actually help you to burn fat.
4. Thermo-charged seasoning guide – If you want to turn a dish into a metabolic boosting bombshell, the right spices are your best friends. This guide will show you how to create the right seasoning for the ultimate metabolism boosting dish.
5. Supplements Optimizer Guide – If you want to stop wasting money on useless supplements, this guide is a must. Here you will learn what works and what doesn’t for your health and your waistline.
6. Quick Sheets – To help you get started quickly, you can use these sheets. They will show you how to quickly set up your dishes, how to shop with a low level of hassle, etc. This makes things very simple.
Bottom Line
If you want to lose body fat fast, you need a simple nutrition plan that you can apply in a short time in your busy schedule. This plan needs to help you make the right eating choices for fat loss without compromising your health. Metabolic Cooking is such a plan.
This program works for men and women, for meat eaters and vegetarians, for people who need to lose 5 lbs or 50. It is simply a complete nutrition and cooking plan that anyone can use.
Metabolic Cooking is a digital program so you download it to your computer and you can begin using it in minutes. If you want a leaner, fitter, and tighter body, this is a program which I highly recommend.


  1. So How Does Metabolic Cooking Work?

    The foods and recipes laid out in the Metabolic Cooking Cookbook are designed to help speed up your metabolism. Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns up energy and it's related to a variety of factors including what you eat, if you exercise as well as your genetics. Your metabolism can be affected and sped up by what you eat. When your metabolism is higher you will burn energy and therefore burn fat much more quickly and you will also gain muscle faster, which also burns fat. So this is getting your body into a positive feedback loop to where you burn fat without even doing anything because your body has a healthy metabolism. Ever wonder why some people can eat whatever they want and not only do they not put on any weight but they look great, these people are blessed with a good metabolism by their genetics. You can get to this place to but you will have to change your eating lifestyle and will have to put in a little more effort than these people do. But thankfully with the Metabolic Cookbook you won't need too much effort. This book lays it all out for you so you won't even have to think about it. With this book you will not only enjoy the recipes and the food you will also love seeing yourself slim down with practically no effort.

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